• High-Throughput Screening of Drug-Transporter Interactions in a 3D Microfluidic Renal Proximal Tubule on a Chip 

      Vriend, Jelle; Nieskens, Tom T.G.; Vormann, Marianne K.; van den Berge, Batholomeus T.; van den Heuvel, Angelique; Russel, Frans G.M.; Suter-Dick, Laura; Lanz, Henriette; Vulto, Paul; Masereeuw, Rosalinde; Wilmer, Martijn J. (2018-07)
      Drug-transporter interactions could impact renal drug clearance and should ideally be detected in early stages of drug development to avoid toxicity-related withdrawals in later stages. This requires reliable and robust ...
    • Nephrotoxicity and Kidney Transport Assessment on 3D Perfused Proximal Tubules 

      Vormann, Marianne K.; Gijzen, Linda; Hutter, Simon; Boot, Lisette; Nicolas, Arnaud; van den Heuvel, Angelique; Vriend, Jelle; Ng, Chee Ping; Nieskens, Tom T.G.; van Duinen, Vincent; de Wagenaar, Bjorn; Masereeuw, Rosalinde; Suter-Dick, Laura; Trietsch, Sebastian J.; Wilmer, Martijn; Joore, Jos; Vulto, Paul; Lanz, Henriette (2018-08)
      Proximal tubules in the kidney play a crucial role in reabsorbing and eliminating substrates from the body into the urine, leading to high local concentrations of xenobiotics. This makes the proximal tubule a major target ...
    • P12-040 High throughput in vitro system for nephrotoxicity testing 

      Suter-Dick, Laura; Prétôt, René; Weston, Anna; Wegner, Irene; Wilmer, Martijn J.; Nieskens, Tom T.G.; Vulto, Paul; Joore, Jos; Lanz, Henriette; Masereeuw, Roos (2015)